Thursday, November 11, 2010

Hey Bruce...what do you ride???

I have been asked that a lot and I realized I hadn't, up to this point, really shared in the blog! goes...for a mountain bike, I ride the brand new 2011 SALSA EL MARIACHI. As a SALSA dealer, we here at UNO Bicycle Studio are big, big fans of this brand! SALSA is known for it's quality bikes and awesome price points! You need a new rig? This is a brand that can compete with anyone. As you can see it is indeed...a Singlespeed. I am a BIG Singlespeed fan and for some reason may need to be tortured to ride a geared mountain bike! This is a 29er steel frame with some really slick dropouts that work like a slider. The tubing is the brand spankin' new...KUNG FU tubing! The bike for 2011 is stiffer than it's previous year model which rally shines out on the trail.  The really cool thing about this bike is that it will accept gears or single without having to change the dropouts at all. So, if you like gears or if your like me, a singlespeed junkie, this bike does both...flawlessly. The bike is equipped with a Niner carbon fork, FSA ORBIT headset (in white!!), DT SWISS 240 Singlespeed rear hub with 10mm through axle, with a DT SWISS 240 hub,with 9mm through axle up front. The rims on the bike are the very slick looking NO TUBES ZTR FLOW's in white!  It has a TRUVATIV NOIR Singlespeed crank with a Surly rear cog, TRUVATIV World Cup Stem and Holzfeller bars, ESI latex grips (love these!), THOMSON Elite setback post, FIZIK ARIONE CX saddle, MAGURA MARTA SL brakes (in blue!!!), and a NO TUBES CROW rear tire, with a GEAX SAGUARO tire up front, and lastly, but not leastly...SHIMANO XT SPD pedals! Whew. I LOVE THIS BIKE. Did I mention that this thing sells for $599 for the frame! Did I also mention that my bike pictured here weighs in at 21.34 Lbs! This is a steel frame folks!  Did I also, also mention you can also add a matching "Bomb Pop Blue" rigid fork for $110 if you are so inclined. The Studio will also stock a complete geared version for $1750, with 10 speed drivetrain! HELLO! Those are coming to the Studio very soon! are some pics! OLE!!! (What do I ride for a road bike? More on that later!)

The YETI 25th Anniversary 575...HELLOOOO NURSE!!!

This beautiful machine is the very limited edition, YETI 25th Anniversary 575! YETI turned 25 this year and to celebrate this wonderful company's existence they released a 25th Anniversary bike. They chose the 575, a legend in the Mountain Bike world. The 575 also happens to be YETI's top selling model so the choice to make this their anniversary bike was easy. I mentioned the words "limited edition" earlier because YETI is only making 250 of these bad boys worldwide!!! UNO Bicycle Studio is very lucky to get even one of these! We were able to procure #246 of 250! Yikes, we barely made it! Needless to say the bike will surely become a collectors edition and highly sought after. Now just a quick history lesson, in the mid to late eighties YETI exploded onto the professional mountain bike pro racing scene and flew the colors of Turquoise and Yellow. The bikes stood out and soon had a pretty large cult following. The anniversary bike you see here was finished in these colors to commemorate their past, coupled with all the latest technology of today! Old School meets New School, so to speak! They even put the original YETI font on the downtube of the bike. Make no mistake, this has all the latest parts on this beast but brings back the look of YETI's of the past. The bike also has some very cool "custom" elements to it as well. YETI teamed with Chris King to do custom Turquoise headset and bottom bracket! Along with that, FOX Racing custom painted the fork in Turquoise to match. You cannot get a Fox fork with this paint anywhere else! The bike also has the brand spankin' new Shimano XT 10 speed group to keep you happy shifting all the way down the trail! DT SWISS X1800 wheels, with SCHWALBE FAT ALBERT tires. The bike even has a custom WTB DEVO seat with YETI 25th Anniversary graphics! I could go on...but check out YETI's website to read more, and see more too! We (me), here at the Studio are super stoked to have this unbelievable bike in our possession, come on in and check it out...drooling is free! Here are some more pics of the bike. Enjoy. (click on all pics to enlarge!)

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

"Holy Daddy Long Legs, Batman!"

Ahhh....the joys of the wonderful material known as...TITANIUM. This is John. John is an avid cyclist of all types. John has super long legs and an inseam that almost topped out my Inseam Measuring Device! Anyway, John has a lot of bikes and his old road bike could accommodate his long legs but that was about it. The bike was too long, and had way too much of a handlebar drop, and was UNCOMFORTABLE! The obvious choice was to go with a custom bike. Keep in mind John's last bike was made by a very large company (not gonna say who, but it begins with an "S"!) and this mass produced carbon bike was more money than his full custom, made in the U.S.A. Titanium bike cost!!! Food for thought, for you all that are reading this and think that some "high end" made in Taiwan bike is the way to go! ???
Anyway, based on John's build, wants for more comfort, and a bike to kick the crap out of the Tucson roads, we chose the SEVEN AXIOM S!!! This was a no brainer based on what John was looking for and with a name like SEVEN CYCLES, the choice was easy. The bike is a equipped with full Ultegra (2010) and Reynolds carbon wheels, and Seven bars and post! Man, this turned out great and John's feedback was basically," finally, a bike I am comfortable on!" Well..I cannot agree more and John is sure to put a ton of miles on this bad boy. Many thanks John, for the support, and enjoy your new SEVEN! You want to learn more about Titanium and all of the benefits of this wonderful material, consult your local titanium expert..UNO Bicycle Studio. Ciao!

Extra! Extra! Rich has a new bike! Read all about it!

Everyone. This is Rich. "Hi Rich!" Rich here is pictured with his newest ride, a IBIS Silk SL. This all carbon beauty is a sweet, sweet rig and Rich should have a ton of fun on it! How this all happened really is all thanks to a dude that took Rich out with his automobile and ruined Rich's last bike. Rich definately took one for the team here! Rich was beat up pretty good and thankfully, healed up just fine. It really took Rich one test ride with a new IBIS road bike! The bike is nicely equipped with a 2010 Shimano Ultegra group, Mavic Ksyrium Elites, and one badass limited edition yellow Fizik seat! The natural carbon finish is also a sexy/classic look and should definately turn some heads out on the road. I personally very much enjoyed working with Rich and hope to eat more Sushi with him and his lovely wife again! Enjoy your bike Rich, and thank you so much for the support! Namaste.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010


This fine young man here is Jesse. This, also happens to be Jesse's new Vassago Bandersnatch! Jesse recently picked this up at the Studio and I can say that this turned out great! Jesse went big to say the least, as far as parts go. Jesse went SRAM XX all the way around with a FOX F29 fork and Shimano 29er wheelset. Dare I say, that this little devil of a bike is gonna be a ripper on the trail! Jesse was great to work with and a heck of a nice guy! Jesse, thanks for the support!!!
 If you are in need of a 29er, the Vasssago brand is a fantastic way to go! The frame sells for a scant $489.99 and is available at your friendly neighborhood Bicycle Studio! The quality for the price is really unbeatable. Also, keep in mind that UNO Bicycle Studio is the EXCLUSIVE VASSAGO DEALER here in Tucson! Can't get 'em any where else. If your looking for one, we'll take great care of you! Thanks for reading and don't forget to (Click on pic to enlarge!) Namaste!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Get SPANKED at UNO Bicycle Studio!!!

Jed has been featured on the Dos Wheels Blog before when he first bought his YETI 575 bike from the Studio. Well, I can say that he has thoroughly enjoyed it and has had some great times on it! Since then, Jed has been adding little "upgrades" here and there to his beloved YETI. Well...this latest upgrade is no little upgrade at all! Jed went HUGE and took the advice from UNO Bicycle Studio, and put new wheels on his rig! We chose SPANK Industries, Sub Rosa rims in a pimped out gold, with black DT double butted spokes, and black brass nipples, laced into a fine set of DT 340 hubs in black. WOW! With the matte black paint his frame has, these gold rims pop like crazy! Huggie Bear would be SO proud! (Huggie Bear, btw, was a pimp/informant on the 70's show Starsky and Hutch!) I still cannot get over how sweet these wheels look on Jed's bike! KICK ASS. Anyway, here are some pics of this tricked out YETI. Remember. Anything is possible at UNO Bicycle Studio. Tell your friends!
(Click on pics to enlarge)

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Le Tour De Awesome...I mean France!

Well, it's July. Summer, heat, lots of riding (hopefully!), and of course, The Tour de France. It has really been a great Tour to watch. Listening to the magical voices of Phil Ligget and Paul Sherwin, are like cuddling up to a good book with a blanky! SO comforting for me, at least. Anyway, the action in the Tour has been fantastic! Lance has had a rough go, but honestly, it was bound to happen eventually with all the good luck he's had over the years. He has shown he is not a quitter, and barring another crash he should finish this Tour too! Thanks Lance for all the great memories, and "F" Floyd! Schleck and Contador battling it out like two prize fighters! People will argue for years on this, with Schleck's mechanical and Contador not "waiting"for him. All I can say is if Schleck had punctured, would Contador have to wait for that too? In my opinion, that's part of racing...sorry Schleck.
ANYWAY, I ran accross some great photos (that I did not take) of this years Tour and thought I'd share them with you! Enjoy.
(click on pics to enlarge)
This is a shot of Christophe Moreau in the Alps. Beautiful. I believe this is his 14th Tour! He is also the oldest rider in the field at 39 years young! Allez Christophe!

These next shots depict how brutal the Tour can be regarding crashes and the pain of the Tour in general.

This is a shot of Sprinter Extraordinaire Robbie Mc Ewen. Notice the blood all over the side of the motorcycle! OUCH! Robbie has been one of the most feared sprinters in Tour history. He has not won a stage this year, but there is still some left.

This unlucky bastard is Tyler Farrar. He is one of the United States great young riders. He is a sprinter and had high hopes this year to win a stage or two, unfortunately, he fractured his elbow here in a crash. He did keep riding and almost won a stage but had to drop out later. Bummer.

This is Christian Vande Velde, a top overall contender, who rides for Garmin/Tansitions. After this crash Christian finished the stage but found out he fractured his ribs and had to leave the race. He could be the next American to win it!

This dude is Didi. Didi is from Germany and has been showing up at the Tour de France every year for as long as I can remember. He is known as the "Devil", and I am not sure why, but he shows up everywhere during the racing, mainly in the mountains. He was the first to "costume up" for the Tour and now there are a bunch of wannabe's that dress up to try and get some publicity or camera time. "The Devil" is the original!

Man, super steep going down this baby, but they also have to climb up stuff this steep too! A beautiful photo. I love the Tour de France, and hope you enjoyed this little passage. Adieu!

Saturday, June 19, 2010


This here is Carl. Carl is a loyal UNO Bicycle Studio client and regular visitor. This also happens to be Carl's new mistress, (Sorry Carolyn!) a beautiful SEVEN RESOLUTE road bike! This one really turned out gorgeous. The RESOLUTE is Seven's steel tubed work of art. Seven is known mostly for it's beautiful Titanium bikes, but also do all Carbon and of course Steel as well with just as much skill and grace. Carl is a big fan of steel and pretty much knew what he wanted when it came time to choose his bike. I only had to nudge him just a bit! ;) The bike is equipped with SRAM FORCE throughout with Shimano wheels and Seven bars, stem, and post, and Seven carbon fork. When I finished building the bike, I took it for a test ride to make sure the shifting was good and quite frankly, I wanted to keep riding it, because it rode so beautifully and smooth that I actually had thoughts of not letting Carl take it home! Wow! This thing rode phenomenally! Carl, thanks for being so cool during the order process and for your support of the Studio. I hope you have many cool adventures on your new bike and mostly fun too. Namaste.



Everyone, This is Clint. Clint is a repeat and very loyal Customer. Before I can continue, I definitely want to give a special thanks to Clint and Nathalie for their continued support of the Studio! O.K., now on to this sweet bike of Clint's. Clint is standing here with his brand spanking new Yeti ASR 5 Carbon! This is YETI's top of the line 5" travel beast. A very light weight all carbon frame that turned out absolutely beautiful. This is outfitted with a combination of Shimano/SRAM componentry throughout with Mavic wheels, Fox Fork, Thomson bar and stem. The bike is a natural carbon color which you can see in the picture below. To really appreciate this bike, you need to see one in person. I am sure clint will have a blast tearing up the desert terrain and taking names to boot! Please visit YETI's  ( ) website and drool all you'd like and remember who your Premier YETI dealer is in Tucson! Thanks Clint, you maniac....enjoy.


Thursday, May 27, 2010

Estelle's MUDHONEY !!!!!

Well...this is Estelle...and this is her brand spanking new SEVEN MUDHONEY! I met Estelle and Johelen a few weeks back when they came into the Studio and said they needed a new rig for Estelle. Estelle likes to ride to say the least, but wanted a bike that was more versatile for her style of riding. Estelle likes to ride the canal roads of the Phoenix area and then do crazy road rides like Ragbrai. Ragbrai is a crazy fun ride across Iowa if you've never heard of it. Anyway, so I suggested to Estelle that a Cyclocross bike would be a great choice because she could use the fatter tires for the dirt canal roads and then get a 2nd set of sweet wheels to use for her road rides. This is exactly what we did and now she has a bike and two sets of wheels to rip up the dirt or blacktop! I would be remiss if I did not share that Estelle was crazy about the name of the bike! MUDHONEY...she loved the name and happened to be the right bike for her too! I had a great, great time working with Estelle and Johelen to make this project become reality. There are other Seven dealers in Arizona and they not only chose UNO Bicycle Studio as their store of choice but drove from Phoenix to do it! I am grateful, thanks so much Girls...I appreciate your business! Estelle also mentioned that part of the reason they chose UNO was the fact that I was a "Bike Geek"! Well, if that means selling a cool bike to two real cool gals...then guilty as charged! Bike Geek I am! Namaste. (click on pictures to enlarge)

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Simple, Sweet, and Functional.

This little beauty is a CIVIA MIDTOWN. The bike belongs to UNO client, Susan. Susan came in to the Studio a few months back and ask about a bike she could use just about everyday, ride to and from Yoga, hold all her gear, and cruise around the bike paths in the beautiful Civano neighborhood. I told Susan that a really cool bike from Civia was coming out soon and it would be worth the wait. Well, Susan took my sage advice and waited. Well, the wait is over and here it is a Simple, Sweet, and Functional bike from the transportation bike company CIVIA.
The bike built up really well and the front cargo rack is super sturdy and looks great too! The CIVIA MIDTOWN sells for a great price at $895 and is definitely built to last. A very pretty blue I might add as well.
It's nice to know there are bikes out there that allow you too slow down, relax, enjoy riding for it's purity and just enjoy practical, simple riding. Not to mention, save some gas and run your errands with one of these. Civia really accomplished something here with this bike and so can you! Check in with the Studio for more details!
                    Susan and her CIVIA MIDTOWN! Thanks Susan!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Scott's YETI...A Beast to say the least!

This is Scott. This is Scott's YETI 575 Carbon that was purchased at the Studio not too long ago. The traditional YETI Turquoise and white team paint was the choice for Scott! Scott is fairly new to the MTB scene but has ridden the heck out of his bike from day one. A true YETI fan he is and is now an official member of the YETI tribe! One of the things we did to Scott's bike was get him an absolutely kick-ass second set of wheels. What you see in the following pics are said wheels. The wheels were comprised of DT SWISS 240 hubs in white, DT SWISS spokes in White...yes I said white, with black DT Swiss Nipples, all laced on to the super sweet TWEET TWEET rims by SPANK. Man...did these things turn out good and man do they look good with the bikes paint job. This is a perfect example of what you can get done at UNO Bicycle Studio. The world IS your oyster when it comes to building the bike of your dreams at the Studio. Case in point!  
Scott has become so hooked on the sport that he now has a second YETI on order! A YETI BIG TOP 29er hardtail will be his newest "family" member. More on the brand new YETI BIG TOP to come! Scott, I am very proud of how good you have gotten since getting into the great sport of Mountain Biking! Keep killin' it! Here is one last pic to drool over! NAMASTE.


Salsa Fun!!!!

From left to right, these two jokesters are Alan from QUALITY BICYCLE PRODUCTS and Bobby from SALSA CYCLES. These fine young gentlemen came to visit all the way from Minneapolis/St. Paul to talk a little business and do a little riding. As you may know...or maybe you don't,  UNO Bicycle Studio is an Authorized Salsa Cycles Dealer! We started off the day with a ride across the street at Fantasy Island which Alan had ridden before but Bobby had not. It was a beautiful morning and we had a ton of fun. After the ride we went to Beyond Bread and pigged out! I think both of the guys had a blast! Did I mention that I got to ride/sneak peek the soon to be available 2011 SALSA EL MARIACHI ??? It was beautiful and well thought out with some very cool rear dropouts. The bike can go either way...Geared or my personal favorite, Singlespeed! This is one sweet 29er and should be an excellent seller for the Studio and Salsa of course.  Here is a pic if you haven't laid eyes on it yet.
Mmmmmmm.....SALLLLLLLSSSSAAAA!  UNO Bicycle Studio will be stocking these as soon as they are available. Framesets should be available late June-ish-July. Complete bikes a bit later. All built professionally by yours truly. This bike will sell out, so reserve yours today.
  Another bike that I am EXTREMELY excited about from Salsa is the mega-versatile VAYA! An All Road bike that is the perfect bike for someone who is looking for a road bike that can literally take to any road. If you are a recreational rider and not "Joe racer guy", this bike would be a great match for you. All day rides, washboard roads, El Tour de Tucson, commuting...need I say more? I cannot wait to get some of these as they will be in the Studio shortly! Here is a pic of this little gem too!
Please call the Studio at 520-867-8799 if you have any questions about these beauties mentioned above. We will be happy to help! SPICY!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

I'm Over Here!!!!!!!

Well....First off I want to apologize for being a slacker with the blog and lack of writing since the last post. A thing called "Life" snuck up on me and my beloved UNO Bicycle Studio blog was shoved aside. Well, I am back and have many things to talk about!

 You are wondering what this picture is all about...."what the hell is going on here with this sign photo?" Well, let me tell you. Thanks to one, we'll just call him one "local" complainer, the City of Tucson made me take down my A- frame sign that I had out on Houghton that basically "steered" folks into the the Studio as I am tucked in a bit off of Houghton Road. Keep in mind that I did not leave my A-frame sign out 24/7. I removed it religiously everyday at closing time but was still asked to move it or be fined! Well, naturally this ticked me off along with Cafe D'Auria's crew (whom also had signage out there too) and we decided along with my new hero Mike and Les my landlord to fight this! Call me crazy but you gotta have a sign for your business...right??? Well anyway, Mike (last name not important) and Les fought the City of Tucson on this, and the city basically said we will make you two signs to put up on Houghton Road so that both directions of traffic can see these! Genius. Well, it took many weeks but we did it and the signs are up! Both signs are on the Eastside of Houghton and face both north and south! So all you cyclists out there, pay attention to the big blue signs and come on in! Again, Mike and Les..I cannot thank you enough for your efforts! You guys rock!

Thursday, April 15, 2010


Well...this little Devil is the newest ride for my great friend Jack. Excuse me Jack... PHD!!! Doctor/Professor Jack, if you'd like. This YETI 575 is a beast of a machine and Jack will beat the crap out of it/put it through it's paces to say the least. The 575 is equipped with Fox Fork and shock, Mavic wheels, Sram/Truvativ/Avid components, etc. I love the fact that the white frame looks so badass with the white Fox fork! Kudos to "Flanders" and the rest of the gang at Yeti!!! The 575 is the perfect bike for the individual who wants to use this bike for literally all kinds of riding. Serious Recreational riding, Racing, Moab Crusher, Chairlift runs, and a mother scratching Four Corner State destroyer!!!! This is the bike that tames the Four Corner State terrain and beats it like a redheaded stepchild! Whew...o.k. I can breathe now...just come into the Studio and BUY the best Full Suspension bike EVER. Often imitated...Never Duplicated!!! Enjoy the pics provided and take special notice of the Red Dirt!! I am not going to tell you where he is on this's a secret ;)!!! Enjoy your new machine, Jack!
Love, Your friendly neighborhood Bike Studio, UNO! Dharma PUNX Unite! Namaste.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Cuz I'm TNT...I'm Dynamite!!!

Don't let this cute face fool ya! This Is Dylan. Dylan is a kid who shreds Desert Sunset BMX here in Tucson and is a ripper on the track! His nickname is "Kid Dynamite", and he is one fast little dude. Hey, when you have "Kid Dynamite" for a nickname...LOOK OUT! Dylan on the track is a beast, off the track he is as sweet as he looks in this picture. Well, Dylan and his Dad, came in to the Studio and purchased this 2010 Intense Race Expert XL . We tricked it out with some lighter parts that we robbed off Dylan's old bike, and it turned out so nice and light. Dylan, who I saw at the track for the first ride with it, was STOKED. "Kid Dynamite" not only rode this thing fast but killed me down the first straight! Keep in mind I am 42....Dylan is 8! BMX is something the Studio loves. We are an Intense BMX Dealer, and we don't stock a lot, but we can get you what you hanker for! Here's the proof! Dylan/Kid Dynamite, enjoy your ride...and give your Dad a big hug for hookin' you up! Thanks Guys! Ciao!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Clint's Bike is Cool...but not as cool as Harper!!!

Well, Here is yet another Vassogo Jabberwocky that my friend/client, Clint picked up today! Clint and his family have been very loyal customers since I opened up the Studio here in Tucson and we have become fast friends. This beautiful Jabberwocky was built up with parts from Truvativ, Avid, Mavic, Thomson, Continental tires, etc. I am really stoked how this built up and I am sure Clint will be rippin' up the local trails asap!!! This sweet olive green color and the white components really compliment the overall look...which is kickass I might add! As mentioned before, beautiful. With that said, the bike is nowhere near as sweet as Clint's daughter Harper! Clint and his wife Nathalie, bring Harper in to visit and she makes my day every time I see her! I think Harper thought Vassago's were cool, so Clint naturally had to buy one! :) Thanks Harper (and Nathalie)!!! Enjoy your bike Clint!

Love, The family lovin', dog friendly, Baby loving (that's you Harper), Bicycle Studio known as UNO.
Ser bem.


"HOLY 29 INCHES, BATMAN!!!" This little stealthy bike was purchased by Tim. Tim is also the first customer to purchase a Vassago from UNO Bicycle Studio! Tim is nice.

I was very excited to get Tim on his Vassago Jabberwocky and get him full throttle into the wonderful sport known as Mountain Biking! The cool thing, is that Tim was stoked, and so excited to take the plunge! I love it when folks like Tim are genuinely pumped to buy a bike. It makes it so much fun for everyone involved. Tim is a roadie at heart with a lot of tandem riding with his wife also. He came in, saw a Vassago and basically said, "I want to get into this." And so Tim did. The bike turned out great, and I know Tim will enjoy mixing it up in the dirt and getting away from the traffic every now and then!!! Tim and I have fondly named the bike, "The Batmobile"!! Not because Tim has Superpowers, or walks around in a spandex clad costume, but for the bike's stealthy good looks! Black and gray was the theme and this is how it turned out. Tim, rip up the trails and most of all...HAVE FUN! Ciao!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

The Little Demon Cometh!!!

UNO Bicycle Studio is super stoked to be Tucson's Exclusive dealer for VASSAGO CYCLES!  This little demon pictured is the 2010 Vassago Jabberwocky. If you don't know Vassago, you will soon enough! These fine folks know how to design a 29 hardtail that rides like a dream, and is AFFORDABLE! They are a company that makes only 29ers. They are not a "Me Too" company that makes 29ers, because, "everyone else makes them, so I guess we should too"! They are not a big box, cookie cutter, bike company that we loath. They don't also make ski's, goggles, clothing, etc., etc., crap. Vassago makes 5 models, all big wheels, and keep the focus simple: Make kick ass bikes, that you can afford. I cannot tell you how excited I am to carry this sweet, sweet brand at the Studio and get people on them! The bike pictured is built up modestly and sensibly with Surly disc hubs, Avid BB7 disc brakes, SLX crank, Thomson post, Truvativ bar and stem, etc. It looks sweet, and rides great. We will have another one built up soon. Stay tuned. Two last things, Wikipedia Vassago, and click on the pics to enlarge them! Ta ta.