Thursday, February 25, 2010

The 24 Hours of the Old Pueblo!

On Febuary 13-14, was an epic fun time for a 4 man Singlespeeder team known as "The Cacti Crusaders". We competed in the 24 Hours of the Old Pueblo. Which in this young man's opinion is the finest 24 hour race in the United States. What a blast we had! Myself, Tall Paul, Randy, and Stoli made up this team of goofballs. Our Goal: To have fun, ride somewhere around twelve laps, and really to just survive. The great thing about the whole deal was we all rode well. The course was a super fun 17 mile loop with a great mixture of climbs, descents, and lots of cactus! It was a fast course in my opinion and we wound up doing 16 laps at 4 laps each! Turns out,  I was sick with a sinus infection, and Bronchitis of which I did not know at the time of the race only to find out after with my doctor! I actually felt better when I was riding and felt like hell when I wasn't.  DUSTY, DUSTY ride, which didn't help my situation! If you see a lung out there I coughed up, please return it to me! That was the only part of the race that sucked, but I'm nit-picking here. Pictured are a couple of shots of the chaos and our bag of goodies to keep our legs fresh and recovery at a maximum. Don't worry, no EPO here!! We will be back next year and I want to beat our 16 laps we did this year. Peace.

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