Thursday, February 18, 2010

A New YETI...and a Pug!

Today was a fine day at the Studio. Building new bikes, recovering from the 24 Hours of the Old Pueblo(more on that later), meeting new people, and then getting Jed his new YETI !!! Jed, has visited the Studio many times and we have become fast friends and riding buddies. Jed, literally has been looking at getting a new bike for the last "couple of years!" he decided on this sweet 575 in matte black. Considering how long Jed's search was, I feel extremely honored he chose UNO Bicycle Studio as his destination for his new machine! Thanks a ton, Jed! Now go get it dirty! Also pictured is Jed's Pug, Ozzy! This little Pugster is always at Jed's side and loves coming into the Studio to stir things up! Hey, we love bike maniacs and dogs too! It is about building relationships here at the Studio, with folks who love bikes and making them smile (see pic! :-)) Come on in, and leave smiling! Namaste.

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