Thursday, March 18, 2010

Clint's Bike is Cool...but not as cool as Harper!!!

Well, Here is yet another Vassogo Jabberwocky that my friend/client, Clint picked up today! Clint and his family have been very loyal customers since I opened up the Studio here in Tucson and we have become fast friends. This beautiful Jabberwocky was built up with parts from Truvativ, Avid, Mavic, Thomson, Continental tires, etc. I am really stoked how this built up and I am sure Clint will be rippin' up the local trails asap!!! This sweet olive green color and the white components really compliment the overall look...which is kickass I might add! As mentioned before, beautiful. With that said, the bike is nowhere near as sweet as Clint's daughter Harper! Clint and his wife Nathalie, bring Harper in to visit and she makes my day every time I see her! I think Harper thought Vassago's were cool, so Clint naturally had to buy one! :) Thanks Harper (and Nathalie)!!! Enjoy your bike Clint!

Love, The family lovin', dog friendly, Baby loving (that's you Harper), Bicycle Studio known as UNO.
Ser bem.


"HOLY 29 INCHES, BATMAN!!!" This little stealthy bike was purchased by Tim. Tim is also the first customer to purchase a Vassago from UNO Bicycle Studio! Tim is nice.

I was very excited to get Tim on his Vassago Jabberwocky and get him full throttle into the wonderful sport known as Mountain Biking! The cool thing, is that Tim was stoked, and so excited to take the plunge! I love it when folks like Tim are genuinely pumped to buy a bike. It makes it so much fun for everyone involved. Tim is a roadie at heart with a lot of tandem riding with his wife also. He came in, saw a Vassago and basically said, "I want to get into this." And so Tim did. The bike turned out great, and I know Tim will enjoy mixing it up in the dirt and getting away from the traffic every now and then!!! Tim and I have fondly named the bike, "The Batmobile"!! Not because Tim has Superpowers, or walks around in a spandex clad costume, but for the bike's stealthy good looks! Black and gray was the theme and this is how it turned out. Tim, rip up the trails and most of all...HAVE FUN! Ciao!