Thursday, April 15, 2010


Well...this little Devil is the newest ride for my great friend Jack. Excuse me Jack... PHD!!! Doctor/Professor Jack, if you'd like. This YETI 575 is a beast of a machine and Jack will beat the crap out of it/put it through it's paces to say the least. The 575 is equipped with Fox Fork and shock, Mavic wheels, Sram/Truvativ/Avid components, etc. I love the fact that the white frame looks so badass with the white Fox fork! Kudos to "Flanders" and the rest of the gang at Yeti!!! The 575 is the perfect bike for the individual who wants to use this bike for literally all kinds of riding. Serious Recreational riding, Racing, Moab Crusher, Chairlift runs, and a mother scratching Four Corner State destroyer!!!! This is the bike that tames the Four Corner State terrain and beats it like a redheaded stepchild! Whew...o.k. I can breathe now...just come into the Studio and BUY the best Full Suspension bike EVER. Often imitated...Never Duplicated!!! Enjoy the pics provided and take special notice of the Red Dirt!! I am not going to tell you where he is on this's a secret ;)!!! Enjoy your new machine, Jack!
Love, Your friendly neighborhood Bike Studio, UNO! Dharma PUNX Unite! Namaste.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Cuz I'm TNT...I'm Dynamite!!!

Don't let this cute face fool ya! This Is Dylan. Dylan is a kid who shreds Desert Sunset BMX here in Tucson and is a ripper on the track! His nickname is "Kid Dynamite", and he is one fast little dude. Hey, when you have "Kid Dynamite" for a nickname...LOOK OUT! Dylan on the track is a beast, off the track he is as sweet as he looks in this picture. Well, Dylan and his Dad, came in to the Studio and purchased this 2010 Intense Race Expert XL . We tricked it out with some lighter parts that we robbed off Dylan's old bike, and it turned out so nice and light. Dylan, who I saw at the track for the first ride with it, was STOKED. "Kid Dynamite" not only rode this thing fast but killed me down the first straight! Keep in mind I am 42....Dylan is 8! BMX is something the Studio loves. We are an Intense BMX Dealer, and we don't stock a lot, but we can get you what you hanker for! Here's the proof! Dylan/Kid Dynamite, enjoy your ride...and give your Dad a big hug for hookin' you up! Thanks Guys! Ciao!