Thursday, May 27, 2010

Estelle's MUDHONEY !!!!!

Well...this is Estelle...and this is her brand spanking new SEVEN MUDHONEY! I met Estelle and Johelen a few weeks back when they came into the Studio and said they needed a new rig for Estelle. Estelle likes to ride to say the least, but wanted a bike that was more versatile for her style of riding. Estelle likes to ride the canal roads of the Phoenix area and then do crazy road rides like Ragbrai. Ragbrai is a crazy fun ride across Iowa if you've never heard of it. Anyway, so I suggested to Estelle that a Cyclocross bike would be a great choice because she could use the fatter tires for the dirt canal roads and then get a 2nd set of sweet wheels to use for her road rides. This is exactly what we did and now she has a bike and two sets of wheels to rip up the dirt or blacktop! I would be remiss if I did not share that Estelle was crazy about the name of the bike! MUDHONEY...she loved the name and happened to be the right bike for her too! I had a great, great time working with Estelle and Johelen to make this project become reality. There are other Seven dealers in Arizona and they not only chose UNO Bicycle Studio as their store of choice but drove from Phoenix to do it! I am grateful, thanks so much Girls...I appreciate your business! Estelle also mentioned that part of the reason they chose UNO was the fact that I was a "Bike Geek"! Well, if that means selling a cool bike to two real cool gals...then guilty as charged! Bike Geek I am! Namaste. (click on pictures to enlarge)

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Simple, Sweet, and Functional.

This little beauty is a CIVIA MIDTOWN. The bike belongs to UNO client, Susan. Susan came in to the Studio a few months back and ask about a bike she could use just about everyday, ride to and from Yoga, hold all her gear, and cruise around the bike paths in the beautiful Civano neighborhood. I told Susan that a really cool bike from Civia was coming out soon and it would be worth the wait. Well, Susan took my sage advice and waited. Well, the wait is over and here it is a Simple, Sweet, and Functional bike from the transportation bike company CIVIA.
The bike built up really well and the front cargo rack is super sturdy and looks great too! The CIVIA MIDTOWN sells for a great price at $895 and is definitely built to last. A very pretty blue I might add as well.
It's nice to know there are bikes out there that allow you too slow down, relax, enjoy riding for it's purity and just enjoy practical, simple riding. Not to mention, save some gas and run your errands with one of these. Civia really accomplished something here with this bike and so can you! Check in with the Studio for more details!
                    Susan and her CIVIA MIDTOWN! Thanks Susan!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Scott's YETI...A Beast to say the least!

This is Scott. This is Scott's YETI 575 Carbon that was purchased at the Studio not too long ago. The traditional YETI Turquoise and white team paint was the choice for Scott! Scott is fairly new to the MTB scene but has ridden the heck out of his bike from day one. A true YETI fan he is and is now an official member of the YETI tribe! One of the things we did to Scott's bike was get him an absolutely kick-ass second set of wheels. What you see in the following pics are said wheels. The wheels were comprised of DT SWISS 240 hubs in white, DT SWISS spokes in White...yes I said white, with black DT Swiss Nipples, all laced on to the super sweet TWEET TWEET rims by SPANK. Man...did these things turn out good and man do they look good with the bikes paint job. This is a perfect example of what you can get done at UNO Bicycle Studio. The world IS your oyster when it comes to building the bike of your dreams at the Studio. Case in point!  
Scott has become so hooked on the sport that he now has a second YETI on order! A YETI BIG TOP 29er hardtail will be his newest "family" member. More on the brand new YETI BIG TOP to come! Scott, I am very proud of how good you have gotten since getting into the great sport of Mountain Biking! Keep killin' it! Here is one last pic to drool over! NAMASTE.


Salsa Fun!!!!

From left to right, these two jokesters are Alan from QUALITY BICYCLE PRODUCTS and Bobby from SALSA CYCLES. These fine young gentlemen came to visit all the way from Minneapolis/St. Paul to talk a little business and do a little riding. As you may know...or maybe you don't,  UNO Bicycle Studio is an Authorized Salsa Cycles Dealer! We started off the day with a ride across the street at Fantasy Island which Alan had ridden before but Bobby had not. It was a beautiful morning and we had a ton of fun. After the ride we went to Beyond Bread and pigged out! I think both of the guys had a blast! Did I mention that I got to ride/sneak peek the soon to be available 2011 SALSA EL MARIACHI ??? It was beautiful and well thought out with some very cool rear dropouts. The bike can go either way...Geared or my personal favorite, Singlespeed! This is one sweet 29er and should be an excellent seller for the Studio and Salsa of course.  Here is a pic if you haven't laid eyes on it yet.
Mmmmmmm.....SALLLLLLLSSSSAAAA!  UNO Bicycle Studio will be stocking these as soon as they are available. Framesets should be available late June-ish-July. Complete bikes a bit later. All built professionally by yours truly. This bike will sell out, so reserve yours today.
  Another bike that I am EXTREMELY excited about from Salsa is the mega-versatile VAYA! An All Road bike that is the perfect bike for someone who is looking for a road bike that can literally take to any road. If you are a recreational rider and not "Joe racer guy", this bike would be a great match for you. All day rides, washboard roads, El Tour de Tucson, commuting...need I say more? I cannot wait to get some of these as they will be in the Studio shortly! Here is a pic of this little gem too!
Please call the Studio at 520-867-8799 if you have any questions about these beauties mentioned above. We will be happy to help! SPICY!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

I'm Over Here!!!!!!!

Well....First off I want to apologize for being a slacker with the blog and lack of writing since the last post. A thing called "Life" snuck up on me and my beloved UNO Bicycle Studio blog was shoved aside. Well, I am back and have many things to talk about!

 You are wondering what this picture is all about...."what the hell is going on here with this sign photo?" Well, let me tell you. Thanks to one, we'll just call him one "local" complainer, the City of Tucson made me take down my A- frame sign that I had out on Houghton that basically "steered" folks into the the Studio as I am tucked in a bit off of Houghton Road. Keep in mind that I did not leave my A-frame sign out 24/7. I removed it religiously everyday at closing time but was still asked to move it or be fined! Well, naturally this ticked me off along with Cafe D'Auria's crew (whom also had signage out there too) and we decided along with my new hero Mike and Les my landlord to fight this! Call me crazy but you gotta have a sign for your business...right??? Well anyway, Mike (last name not important) and Les fought the City of Tucson on this, and the city basically said we will make you two signs to put up on Houghton Road so that both directions of traffic can see these! Genius. Well, it took many weeks but we did it and the signs are up! Both signs are on the Eastside of Houghton and face both north and south! So all you cyclists out there, pay attention to the big blue signs and come on in! Again, Mike and Les..I cannot thank you enough for your efforts! You guys rock!