Thursday, May 27, 2010

Estelle's MUDHONEY !!!!!

Well...this is Estelle...and this is her brand spanking new SEVEN MUDHONEY! I met Estelle and Johelen a few weeks back when they came into the Studio and said they needed a new rig for Estelle. Estelle likes to ride to say the least, but wanted a bike that was more versatile for her style of riding. Estelle likes to ride the canal roads of the Phoenix area and then do crazy road rides like Ragbrai. Ragbrai is a crazy fun ride across Iowa if you've never heard of it. Anyway, so I suggested to Estelle that a Cyclocross bike would be a great choice because she could use the fatter tires for the dirt canal roads and then get a 2nd set of sweet wheels to use for her road rides. This is exactly what we did and now she has a bike and two sets of wheels to rip up the dirt or blacktop! I would be remiss if I did not share that Estelle was crazy about the name of the bike! MUDHONEY...she loved the name and happened to be the right bike for her too! I had a great, great time working with Estelle and Johelen to make this project become reality. There are other Seven dealers in Arizona and they not only chose UNO Bicycle Studio as their store of choice but drove from Phoenix to do it! I am grateful, thanks so much Girls...I appreciate your business! Estelle also mentioned that part of the reason they chose UNO was the fact that I was a "Bike Geek"! Well, if that means selling a cool bike to two real cool gals...then guilty as charged! Bike Geek I am! Namaste. (click on pictures to enlarge)

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