Saturday, May 15, 2010

I'm Over Here!!!!!!!

Well....First off I want to apologize for being a slacker with the blog and lack of writing since the last post. A thing called "Life" snuck up on me and my beloved UNO Bicycle Studio blog was shoved aside. Well, I am back and have many things to talk about!

 You are wondering what this picture is all about...."what the hell is going on here with this sign photo?" Well, let me tell you. Thanks to one, we'll just call him one "local" complainer, the City of Tucson made me take down my A- frame sign that I had out on Houghton that basically "steered" folks into the the Studio as I am tucked in a bit off of Houghton Road. Keep in mind that I did not leave my A-frame sign out 24/7. I removed it religiously everyday at closing time but was still asked to move it or be fined! Well, naturally this ticked me off along with Cafe D'Auria's crew (whom also had signage out there too) and we decided along with my new hero Mike and Les my landlord to fight this! Call me crazy but you gotta have a sign for your business...right??? Well anyway, Mike (last name not important) and Les fought the City of Tucson on this, and the city basically said we will make you two signs to put up on Houghton Road so that both directions of traffic can see these! Genius. Well, it took many weeks but we did it and the signs are up! Both signs are on the Eastside of Houghton and face both north and south! So all you cyclists out there, pay attention to the big blue signs and come on in! Again, Mike and Les..I cannot thank you enough for your efforts! You guys rock!

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