Sunday, May 16, 2010

Salsa Fun!!!!

From left to right, these two jokesters are Alan from QUALITY BICYCLE PRODUCTS and Bobby from SALSA CYCLES. These fine young gentlemen came to visit all the way from Minneapolis/St. Paul to talk a little business and do a little riding. As you may know...or maybe you don't,  UNO Bicycle Studio is an Authorized Salsa Cycles Dealer! We started off the day with a ride across the street at Fantasy Island which Alan had ridden before but Bobby had not. It was a beautiful morning and we had a ton of fun. After the ride we went to Beyond Bread and pigged out! I think both of the guys had a blast! Did I mention that I got to ride/sneak peek the soon to be available 2011 SALSA EL MARIACHI ??? It was beautiful and well thought out with some very cool rear dropouts. The bike can go either way...Geared or my personal favorite, Singlespeed! This is one sweet 29er and should be an excellent seller for the Studio and Salsa of course.  Here is a pic if you haven't laid eyes on it yet.
Mmmmmmm.....SALLLLLLLSSSSAAAA!  UNO Bicycle Studio will be stocking these as soon as they are available. Framesets should be available late June-ish-July. Complete bikes a bit later. All built professionally by yours truly. This bike will sell out, so reserve yours today.
  Another bike that I am EXTREMELY excited about from Salsa is the mega-versatile VAYA! An All Road bike that is the perfect bike for someone who is looking for a road bike that can literally take to any road. If you are a recreational rider and not "Joe racer guy", this bike would be a great match for you. All day rides, washboard roads, El Tour de Tucson, commuting...need I say more? I cannot wait to get some of these as they will be in the Studio shortly! Here is a pic of this little gem too!
Please call the Studio at 520-867-8799 if you have any questions about these beauties mentioned above. We will be happy to help! SPICY!

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  1. Bruce,

    Thank you again for the time. Both Bobby and I had a blast. I'm looking forward to the first post detailing a satisfied Salsa customer!