Sunday, May 16, 2010

Scott's YETI...A Beast to say the least!

This is Scott. This is Scott's YETI 575 Carbon that was purchased at the Studio not too long ago. The traditional YETI Turquoise and white team paint was the choice for Scott! Scott is fairly new to the MTB scene but has ridden the heck out of his bike from day one. A true YETI fan he is and is now an official member of the YETI tribe! One of the things we did to Scott's bike was get him an absolutely kick-ass second set of wheels. What you see in the following pics are said wheels. The wheels were comprised of DT SWISS 240 hubs in white, DT SWISS spokes in White...yes I said white, with black DT Swiss Nipples, all laced on to the super sweet TWEET TWEET rims by SPANK. Man...did these things turn out good and man do they look good with the bikes paint job. This is a perfect example of what you can get done at UNO Bicycle Studio. The world IS your oyster when it comes to building the bike of your dreams at the Studio. Case in point!  
Scott has become so hooked on the sport that he now has a second YETI on order! A YETI BIG TOP 29er hardtail will be his newest "family" member. More on the brand new YETI BIG TOP to come! Scott, I am very proud of how good you have gotten since getting into the great sport of Mountain Biking! Keep killin' it! Here is one last pic to drool over! NAMASTE.


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