Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Simple, Sweet, and Functional.

This little beauty is a CIVIA MIDTOWN. The bike belongs to UNO client, Susan. Susan came in to the Studio a few months back and ask about a bike she could use just about everyday, ride to and from Yoga, hold all her gear, and cruise around the bike paths in the beautiful Civano neighborhood. I told Susan that a really cool bike from Civia was coming out soon and it would be worth the wait. Well, Susan took my sage advice and waited. Well, the wait is over and here it is a Simple, Sweet, and Functional bike from the transportation bike company CIVIA.
The bike built up really well and the front cargo rack is super sturdy and looks great too! The CIVIA MIDTOWN sells for a great price at $895 and is definitely built to last. A very pretty blue I might add as well.
It's nice to know there are bikes out there that allow you too slow down, relax, enjoy riding for it's purity and just enjoy practical, simple riding. Not to mention, save some gas and run your errands with one of these. Civia really accomplished something here with this bike and so can you! Check in with the Studio for more details!
                    Susan and her CIVIA MIDTOWN! Thanks Susan!

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