Saturday, June 19, 2010


Everyone, This is Clint. Clint is a repeat and very loyal Customer. Before I can continue, I definitely want to give a special thanks to Clint and Nathalie for their continued support of the Studio! O.K., now on to this sweet bike of Clint's. Clint is standing here with his brand spanking new Yeti ASR 5 Carbon! This is YETI's top of the line 5" travel beast. A very light weight all carbon frame that turned out absolutely beautiful. This is outfitted with a combination of Shimano/SRAM componentry throughout with Mavic wheels, Fox Fork, Thomson bar and stem. The bike is a natural carbon color which you can see in the picture below. To really appreciate this bike, you need to see one in person. I am sure clint will have a blast tearing up the desert terrain and taking names to boot! Please visit YETI's  ( ) website and drool all you'd like and remember who your Premier YETI dealer is in Tucson! Thanks Clint, you maniac....enjoy.


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