Saturday, June 19, 2010


This here is Carl. Carl is a loyal UNO Bicycle Studio client and regular visitor. This also happens to be Carl's new mistress, (Sorry Carolyn!) a beautiful SEVEN RESOLUTE road bike! This one really turned out gorgeous. The RESOLUTE is Seven's steel tubed work of art. Seven is known mostly for it's beautiful Titanium bikes, but also do all Carbon and of course Steel as well with just as much skill and grace. Carl is a big fan of steel and pretty much knew what he wanted when it came time to choose his bike. I only had to nudge him just a bit! ;) The bike is equipped with SRAM FORCE throughout with Shimano wheels and Seven bars, stem, and post, and Seven carbon fork. When I finished building the bike, I took it for a test ride to make sure the shifting was good and quite frankly, I wanted to keep riding it, because it rode so beautifully and smooth that I actually had thoughts of not letting Carl take it home! Wow! This thing rode phenomenally! Carl, thanks for being so cool during the order process and for your support of the Studio. I hope you have many cool adventures on your new bike and mostly fun too. Namaste.


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