Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Get SPANKED at UNO Bicycle Studio!!!

Jed has been featured on the Dos Wheels Blog before when he first bought his YETI 575 bike from the Studio. Well, I can say that he has thoroughly enjoyed it and has had some great times on it! Since then, Jed has been adding little "upgrades" here and there to his beloved YETI. Well...this latest upgrade is no little upgrade at all! Jed went HUGE and took the advice from UNO Bicycle Studio, and put new wheels on his rig! We chose SPANK Industries, Sub Rosa rims in a pimped out gold, with black DT double butted spokes, and black brass nipples, laced into a fine set of DT 340 hubs in black. WOW! With the matte black paint his frame has, these gold rims pop like crazy! Huggie Bear would be SO proud! (Huggie Bear, btw, was a pimp/informant on the 70's show Starsky and Hutch!) I still cannot get over how sweet these wheels look on Jed's bike! KICK ASS. Anyway, here are some pics of this tricked out YETI. Remember. Anything is possible at UNO Bicycle Studio. Tell your friends!
(Click on pics to enlarge)