Wednesday, September 29, 2010

"Holy Daddy Long Legs, Batman!"

Ahhh....the joys of the wonderful material known as...TITANIUM. This is John. John is an avid cyclist of all types. John has super long legs and an inseam that almost topped out my Inseam Measuring Device! Anyway, John has a lot of bikes and his old road bike could accommodate his long legs but that was about it. The bike was too long, and had way too much of a handlebar drop, and was UNCOMFORTABLE! The obvious choice was to go with a custom bike. Keep in mind John's last bike was made by a very large company (not gonna say who, but it begins with an "S"!) and this mass produced carbon bike was more money than his full custom, made in the U.S.A. Titanium bike cost!!! Food for thought, for you all that are reading this and think that some "high end" made in Taiwan bike is the way to go! ???
Anyway, based on John's build, wants for more comfort, and a bike to kick the crap out of the Tucson roads, we chose the SEVEN AXIOM S!!! This was a no brainer based on what John was looking for and with a name like SEVEN CYCLES, the choice was easy. The bike is a equipped with full Ultegra (2010) and Reynolds carbon wheels, and Seven bars and post! Man, this turned out great and John's feedback was basically," finally, a bike I am comfortable on!" Well..I cannot agree more and John is sure to put a ton of miles on this bad boy. Many thanks John, for the support, and enjoy your new SEVEN! You want to learn more about Titanium and all of the benefits of this wonderful material, consult your local titanium expert..UNO Bicycle Studio. Ciao!

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