Wednesday, November 23, 2011

I'm a YETI, He's a YETI. Wouldn't you like to be a YETI too?!

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Hello again from your friendly neighborhood Bicycle Studio! Well, El Tour is over...whew! Now we can start talking Dirt again!! YAYYY!!! Well, I thought this would be a great place to do just that. This here is Kris. Kris is a personal friend of the Studio but also a loyal client. Kris was tired of his 29er hartail and wanted to get into some plush, luscious, dare I say, sinfully comfy full suspension magic! With some some persistent elbowing from your's truly, I helped coax Kris into a 2012 YETI ASR-5 Alloy. This bike kicks ass in the fact that it has 5 inches of travel, and pedals so darned efficiently. This is a bike that is comfy to ride all day and just rips up the trail. Don't believe me? Get online and read the reviews for yourself. The bike is equipped with SRAM Parts throughout along with Avid Hydro brakes, DT Swiss wheels with a 15mm thru-axle and, FOX RP23 shock with Kashima Coat to make it buttery smooth, a FOX Float 32 Fit RLC fork to keep him honest, etc.,etc. This bike is the ultimate Arizona MTB in the fact that it handles all of the dry, rocky terrain we all know and love. It cuts up said terrain with surgical like precision which translates to pure F-U-N!!! I know Kris will enjoy this wonderful bike for many years to come and that is YETI's reputation, make bikes that ride fantastic, with unsurpassed quality and that are built to last. UNO Bicycle Studio is very proud to be Tucson's exclusive YETI dealer. Please stop by the Studio and take a gander at some beautiful YETI goodness!

Saturday, November 19, 2011


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This young man from Sierra Vista, is Rob. First off I want to say, as a retailer it is always a pleasure to work with good people. Rob, is good people. From the get go, Rob was just so darned nice, that it gave me more hope that there is still positive things in this world. So Rob, I want to thank you for being so cool and for the business. It is mucho appreciated.
Okay, so lets get to the bike Rob purchased from UNO Bicycle Studio. Rob purchased one of the Studio's very favorite bikes that we carry...The SURLY LONG HAUL TRUCKER, or LHT for short. This is my favorite model that Surly makes of the many cool models that Surly has to offer. Over the years it’s developed a devoted following. People understand and appreciate the LHT’s dependability and everyday riding comfort, whether they’re cruising to the store or lost in the middle of nowhere. Why the Trucker? Simple. A touring bike’s job is to go the distance and then some while carrying you and your gear, all in relative comfort. Plus, it is a fantastic commuter and dirt road adventure bike. It is the perfect bike to go out, with no particular time frame, explore familiar roads and roads, paved or not, that are not so familiar. Oh, and this is a bike with a geometry that is flat out comfortable to ride for hours upon hours. The bottom line, is this bike is like the pocket knife your Grandfather gave you that will last for years and years. Need a bike? A super reliable one? The Surly Long Haul Trucker may be the perfect bike for you, and UNO would be happy to get you one. Namaste.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011


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Everyone, this is Keith. Keith this everyone. Keith, along with his sweet kids, stand along side the newest member of their family. A bouncing brand spanking new MOOTS CR. Keith owns a UPS Store and I guess business has been good! Keith originally called the Studio and asked about the legendary brand, MOOTS and wanted to get the skinny on all things MOOTS. The coolest thing here is that Keith basically said that this would be his first road bike and if he was going to get one he was going to get a great one and have it for many years. Talk about going big! Anyway, UNO got Keith set up with a beautiful CR model equipped with SRAM RIVAL throughout, along with MAVIC KSYRIUM wheels, CHRIS KING Headset, etc, etc. The bike really turned out well and Keith started his new sport called Road Cycling to his weekly regimen and is enjoying it immensely. The coolest thing about this project, was that Keith was just a super cool guy to work with and really took the time to ask all sorts of great questions. He said, "If I am going to make the investment, I am going to ride this thing a lot"! Kudos to you, Keith! Great guy+great bike= FUN! Thanks Keith, for the support and enjoy those many rolling hills to come! Another successful bike purchase from "YOUR friendly neighborhood bike shop"...UNO Bicycle Studio!!!

Friday, November 4, 2011

Haven't I seen this dude before???

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Hello friends! Welcome to another installment of the Official UNO Bicycle Studio Blog, "Dos Wheels"!
Hey, I have seen this guy before! guessed it, this here is Clint! Clint likes bikes. He may even love them. I am pretty sure he does. Clint has bought many bikes from the Studio and for that we are grateful! This latest installment is, Yet another super fantastic, awesome, bitchin', Super Sonic, keen bike from MOOTS. The finest titanium bike frames in the world. Scratch that, the finest bikes in the world. Yes, this bike will take on all comers from your overpriced, excuse me...WAY OVERPRICED Italian P.O.S's, to the big box brands that let's face it...suck and are boring, boring, boring. Don't give me the, 'Well, Mark Cavendish rides one" excuse. Mr. Cavendish gets paid to ride that bike, and paid quite well, I might add. This bike that Clint, BTW, loves, is handbuilt in the USA and not in a sweat shop in Taiwan or China. Think about that, think about who you want to support and who's economy you want to support. Last I checked our economy is a mess. Food for thought. But I digress. This MOOTS, that Clint is so lovingly, loving, is the "CR". MOOTS's best selling bike. The best way to describe a CR is that it is the "Cake and Eat it Too" bike. It is So comfortable on the vertical yet the lateral stiffness is something to marvel at. Basically, you get a "comfortable sports car" to ride. The bike will massage you through the rough roads and yet, take off like a Bat out of Hell when you stomp on it. What more would you want? It is truly the "Bee's Knee's"!

Anywho, Clint's bike is equipped with a sweet, sweet build. It has the following goodies:
SRAM FORCE throughout, compact drive.
DT 190 Hubs (Ceramic Bearings), 32 Hole, laced with DT Double butted spokes onto HED Belgium Rims,
Speedplay Pedals,
MOOTS Titanium Post and Stem,
fiZik Arione Saddle,
Profile Design Canta SS (carbon) Handlebars,
Continental rubber, baby!
Etc., Etc.
ALERT! ALERT! SHAMELESS PLUG TIME!!! This is just another mighty fine example of  the type of dream bike that can be built here at UNO Bicycle Studio. Built Light, Built Smart, Built well. You have yourself a nice day, M'kay!


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This here is one hell of a machine, and I here at UNO Bicycle Studio, am very proud of this one. This here is a MOOTS, MOOTO X RSL 29. Brad here is smiling, because this is one badass bike and I was SO jealous building it and knowing that it was not for me! The bike is equipped with SRAM XO throughout with a ROCK SHOX SID XX 29 fork, MOOTS Titanium post, etc., etc. Brad moved to Virginia and I am sure this bike is killing it over the muddy, rooty terrain. Hopefully Brad, is kicking some buttocks on the local race scene as well. Titanium is the most durable, plushest riding material for a bike period. Don't let anyone tell you different because they would be wrong...dead wrong. If you want a frame to take to the grave with you, a MOOTS titanium bike is the only choice. An investment for sure but well worth it due to it's massive durability, light weightiness, and pure cool factor. Did I mention you can refinish titanium???NO? Well, you can and it will look brand spanking new when this is done. There ya have it...a no brainer. Like Brad, come on in to the Studio and I can show the endless possibilities of a MOOTS Titanium bike!!


O.K. folks. This is a tutoral on my store logo. This is mainly aimed toward all you Gringo's/Honkey's out there who have no idea how to read my store logo! First off, the name of the store is "UNO Bicycle Studio". IT IS NOT,I REPEAT, NOT "JUNO Bicycle Studio" Contrary to what you think, I did not name my store after a cute teenager from Minnesota who got herself pregnant while in high school! What you see in the logo above is two, count them, two exclamation points. Yes, the one on the left is upside down and the one on the right is right side up. In the spanish language when a sentence is punctuated with and exclamation point, they have said exclamation point upside at the beginning of the sentence, and right side up at the end of it! There ya go, you learned something today! So, study the photo above, put your inner gringoness to rest and know that it is UNO....not JUNO.

disclaimer: As far as using the words Gringo, and Honkey...get over it and don't take it so seriously. This is Tucson, Arizona and you should know a bit of Spanish! Laugh a little, will ya?!!!'s been awhile.

Sorry, but it has been WAY too long since I have posted and I do apologize for that. Life...sometimes it's a four letter word. I have had other things going on that have been more important than blogging, and that's just the way it is.
The good news is there is more to come...soon. Hang in there and I will get some more stuff posted asap! Cheers!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Mmmmmm.....T i t a n i u m!

This here, is John. This here, is John's brand new MOOTS VAMOOTS CR. John picked this beauty up on 5/13 and I gotta say, this turned out really sweet. John first came to the Studio to take part in a Demo that The Studio and MOOTS put together. MOOTS came out from Steamboat, Colorado and brought about a dozen bikes for the general cycling public to ride. The demo was a success in that every bike MOOTS brought was checked out for the demo. This was great except, yours truly didn't get to go on the Demo ride because there were no more MOOTS left for me to ride! I got over it, and this demo was for folks to see just how great these bikes look and most importantly...RIDE! Long story short, John showed up to ride a MOOTS VAMOOTS CR and well...the rest is history. Obviously, John was impressed and eventually ordered one and here is the end result! Thanks JOHN!!! Here's how we equipped it. Enjoy.
Fork: ENVE 2.0
Grouppo: SRAM FORCE Compact, 12-26 Cassette
Wheels: Mavic Ksyrium Elite's
Headset: Chris King Sotto Voce Black
Bar, Stem Seatpost: 3T Ergosum bar, 3T Arx Pro Stem, 3T Dorico Pro post
Saddle: Selle Italia Flite Max Gel Flow
Tires: Vittoria Diamante Pro 2 (black)
Pedals: Look Keo 2 Max (White)
H2O Cages: King Cage, Stainless

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Saturday, May 7, 2011


A few posts back I shared with you all, the bike I ride for all things mountain. is the latest installment of what I ride for a road bike! This beauty here is a MOOTS VAMOOTS RSL. This is MOOTS's flagship road bike and is sold here at the STUDIO proudly along with all of MOOTS's other badass models. I am a fan of most bike frame materials as they all do have their strengths, but if you want the material that gives you everything you have ever dreamed about in a ride and then some, Titanium is the only answer. Plus it will outlast any other frame material tenfold! MOOTS has been around for 30 years and make the finest Titanium bicycles out there. MOOTS also does not "dabble" in other frame materials, they only make Titanium bikes and have the most beautiful welds in the industry...period. If you are looking for your dream bike and more importantly, a frame that will LAST, MOOTS and their titanium frames are a no brainer. Here are some shots of my bike along with a parts list! Enjoy.

-HED Belgian Rims
-DT SWISS 190 Ceramic Hubs
-DT SWISS 2.0/1.8 White Spokes
-DT SWISS Alloy Nipples (Black)
-Profile Design Canta SS Bars (Carbon)
-CHRIS KING Sotto Voce Headset (Black)
-THE HIVE REVL Carbon Brakes!
-SHIMANO DURA ACE PD-7900 Pedals (Carbon)
-SRAM 1071 Chain
-SRAM Press-Fit 30 Bottom Bracket (Ceramic)

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Saturday, April 23, 2011


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This bad ass black beauty is a SURLY -LONG HAUL TRUCKER! This bike was purchased at the Studio by John. The Studio is HUGE fans of Surly and what they bring to the market with their "Swiss Army Knife" versatility and great value! John is 72 years young and rides his bike everyday! He came into the Studio and asked about a bike he could ride more comfortably and rip through the maze of bike paths here in the Civano neighborhood. We came to the conclusion that the Surly would be the choice for John. Well...I am happy to report that John has not looked back and is really enjoying his SURLY!!! WOOT! The plush steel frame and bomb-proof components will keep John riding in style for years, One thing is for sure that if I am lucky enough to live 72 years, I too hope I can still rip around on a bike! John, you rock and enjoy!

HAMPTON'S with this sweet Single Speed!

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This fine, young, man is Hampton. Hampton picked up this beautiful Salsa El Mariachi Single Speed from the Studio not too long ago and it turned out great. If this bike looks familiar, your right! It is very similar to my bike I posted about awhile back. The biggest difference is Hampton's bike is a 20" and mine is an 18". Anyway, Hampton has been enjoying the life of a Singlespeeder and the bike itself. The bike was built with a modest mix of parts from Truvativ cranks, bars, and stem, Easton EA70 XC wheels, Niner rigid carbon fork, Avid BB7 brakes, etc. I am proud of this one particularly because Hampton came in with a budget and we met it with still a cool/quality build! Lastly, this bike has been killin' here at the Studio and right now is UNO Bicycle Studio's top selling Mountain Bike! Yes, it is a 29er! Please do come in and check out a SALSA today!

LIFE. can get a bit busy!

IT HAS BEEN WAY TOO LONG SINCE I LAST WROTE!!! Between, a move into a new home, busy with work and being sick...I HAVE SLACKED getting anything written in my little, tiny corner of the World known as DOS WHEELS. I will try harder to keep this going more regularly. Next post on the way! NAMASTE.