Saturday, April 23, 2011


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This bad ass black beauty is a SURLY -LONG HAUL TRUCKER! This bike was purchased at the Studio by John. The Studio is HUGE fans of Surly and what they bring to the market with their "Swiss Army Knife" versatility and great value! John is 72 years young and rides his bike everyday! He came into the Studio and asked about a bike he could ride more comfortably and rip through the maze of bike paths here in the Civano neighborhood. We came to the conclusion that the Surly would be the choice for John. Well...I am happy to report that John has not looked back and is really enjoying his SURLY!!! WOOT! The plush steel frame and bomb-proof components will keep John riding in style for years, One thing is for sure that if I am lucky enough to live 72 years, I too hope I can still rip around on a bike! John, you rock and enjoy!

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  1. hey! You added two years to my dad's age :) Anyhow, thank you very much for finding that piece to extend the handle bars so that his shoulders don't hurt anymore and he can ride comfortably