Friday, November 4, 2011

Haven't I seen this dude before???

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Hello friends! Welcome to another installment of the Official UNO Bicycle Studio Blog, "Dos Wheels"!
Hey, I have seen this guy before! guessed it, this here is Clint! Clint likes bikes. He may even love them. I am pretty sure he does. Clint has bought many bikes from the Studio and for that we are grateful! This latest installment is, Yet another super fantastic, awesome, bitchin', Super Sonic, keen bike from MOOTS. The finest titanium bike frames in the world. Scratch that, the finest bikes in the world. Yes, this bike will take on all comers from your overpriced, excuse me...WAY OVERPRICED Italian P.O.S's, to the big box brands that let's face it...suck and are boring, boring, boring. Don't give me the, 'Well, Mark Cavendish rides one" excuse. Mr. Cavendish gets paid to ride that bike, and paid quite well, I might add. This bike that Clint, BTW, loves, is handbuilt in the USA and not in a sweat shop in Taiwan or China. Think about that, think about who you want to support and who's economy you want to support. Last I checked our economy is a mess. Food for thought. But I digress. This MOOTS, that Clint is so lovingly, loving, is the "CR". MOOTS's best selling bike. The best way to describe a CR is that it is the "Cake and Eat it Too" bike. It is So comfortable on the vertical yet the lateral stiffness is something to marvel at. Basically, you get a "comfortable sports car" to ride. The bike will massage you through the rough roads and yet, take off like a Bat out of Hell when you stomp on it. What more would you want? It is truly the "Bee's Knee's"!

Anywho, Clint's bike is equipped with a sweet, sweet build. It has the following goodies:
SRAM FORCE throughout, compact drive.
DT 190 Hubs (Ceramic Bearings), 32 Hole, laced with DT Double butted spokes onto HED Belgium Rims,
Speedplay Pedals,
MOOTS Titanium Post and Stem,
fiZik Arione Saddle,
Profile Design Canta SS (carbon) Handlebars,
Continental rubber, baby!
Etc., Etc.
ALERT! ALERT! SHAMELESS PLUG TIME!!! This is just another mighty fine example of  the type of dream bike that can be built here at UNO Bicycle Studio. Built Light, Built Smart, Built well. You have yourself a nice day, M'kay!

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