Friday, November 4, 2011


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This here is one hell of a machine, and I here at UNO Bicycle Studio, am very proud of this one. This here is a MOOTS, MOOTO X RSL 29. Brad here is smiling, because this is one badass bike and I was SO jealous building it and knowing that it was not for me! The bike is equipped with SRAM XO throughout with a ROCK SHOX SID XX 29 fork, MOOTS Titanium post, etc., etc. Brad moved to Virginia and I am sure this bike is killing it over the muddy, rooty terrain. Hopefully Brad, is kicking some buttocks on the local race scene as well. Titanium is the most durable, plushest riding material for a bike period. Don't let anyone tell you different because they would be wrong...dead wrong. If you want a frame to take to the grave with you, a MOOTS titanium bike is the only choice. An investment for sure but well worth it due to it's massive durability, light weightiness, and pure cool factor. Did I mention you can refinish titanium???NO? Well, you can and it will look brand spanking new when this is done. There ya have it...a no brainer. Like Brad, come on in to the Studio and I can show the endless possibilities of a MOOTS Titanium bike!!

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