Wednesday, November 23, 2011

I'm a YETI, He's a YETI. Wouldn't you like to be a YETI too?!

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Hello again from your friendly neighborhood Bicycle Studio! Well, El Tour is over...whew! Now we can start talking Dirt again!! YAYYY!!! Well, I thought this would be a great place to do just that. This here is Kris. Kris is a personal friend of the Studio but also a loyal client. Kris was tired of his 29er hartail and wanted to get into some plush, luscious, dare I say, sinfully comfy full suspension magic! With some some persistent elbowing from your's truly, I helped coax Kris into a 2012 YETI ASR-5 Alloy. This bike kicks ass in the fact that it has 5 inches of travel, and pedals so darned efficiently. This is a bike that is comfy to ride all day and just rips up the trail. Don't believe me? Get online and read the reviews for yourself. The bike is equipped with SRAM Parts throughout along with Avid Hydro brakes, DT Swiss wheels with a 15mm thru-axle and, FOX RP23 shock with Kashima Coat to make it buttery smooth, a FOX Float 32 Fit RLC fork to keep him honest, etc.,etc. This bike is the ultimate Arizona MTB in the fact that it handles all of the dry, rocky terrain we all know and love. It cuts up said terrain with surgical like precision which translates to pure F-U-N!!! I know Kris will enjoy this wonderful bike for many years to come and that is YETI's reputation, make bikes that ride fantastic, with unsurpassed quality and that are built to last. UNO Bicycle Studio is very proud to be Tucson's exclusive YETI dealer. Please stop by the Studio and take a gander at some beautiful YETI goodness!

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