Friday, November 4, 2011


O.K. folks. This is a tutoral on my store logo. This is mainly aimed toward all you Gringo's/Honkey's out there who have no idea how to read my store logo! First off, the name of the store is "UNO Bicycle Studio". IT IS NOT,I REPEAT, NOT "JUNO Bicycle Studio" Contrary to what you think, I did not name my store after a cute teenager from Minnesota who got herself pregnant while in high school! What you see in the logo above is two, count them, two exclamation points. Yes, the one on the left is upside down and the one on the right is right side up. In the spanish language when a sentence is punctuated with and exclamation point, they have said exclamation point upside at the beginning of the sentence, and right side up at the end of it! There ya go, you learned something today! So, study the photo above, put your inner gringoness to rest and know that it is UNO....not JUNO.

disclaimer: As far as using the words Gringo, and Honkey...get over it and don't take it so seriously. This is Tucson, Arizona and you should know a bit of Spanish! Laugh a little, will ya?!!!

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