Wednesday, November 16, 2011


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Everyone, this is Keith. Keith this everyone. Keith, along with his sweet kids, stand along side the newest member of their family. A bouncing brand spanking new MOOTS CR. Keith owns a UPS Store and I guess business has been good! Keith originally called the Studio and asked about the legendary brand, MOOTS and wanted to get the skinny on all things MOOTS. The coolest thing here is that Keith basically said that this would be his first road bike and if he was going to get one he was going to get a great one and have it for many years. Talk about going big! Anyway, UNO got Keith set up with a beautiful CR model equipped with SRAM RIVAL throughout, along with MAVIC KSYRIUM wheels, CHRIS KING Headset, etc, etc. The bike really turned out well and Keith started his new sport called Road Cycling to his weekly regimen and is enjoying it immensely. The coolest thing about this project, was that Keith was just a super cool guy to work with and really took the time to ask all sorts of great questions. He said, "If I am going to make the investment, I am going to ride this thing a lot"! Kudos to you, Keith! Great guy+great bike= FUN! Thanks Keith, for the support and enjoy those many rolling hills to come! Another successful bike purchase from "YOUR friendly neighborhood bike shop"...UNO Bicycle Studio!!!

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